uAvionix Europe / RPAS Services

Contact person: Mr. Rudy Muller
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2003
Operation Level: International

Address: Vrouwenhof 18
4635 AD Huijbergen Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 51 75 15 14

RPAS Services is a European RPAS/drone operator situated in The Netherlands and with many years of General Aviation experience. RPAS Services officially represents uAvionix products in Europe.

RPAS Services provides advice and solutions to implement the RPA with a Detect and Avoid solution. This system can be used for RPA and in General Aviation. The RPA unit weighs 20 grams + optional GPS/Altitude module (30 grams) and the GA unit weighs 50 grams.

The system is based on the manned aircraft accepted ADS-B technology and can detect aircrafts at a distance of 100 nm and supports ADS-B out. The system supports interfaces to MavLink and GDL90(Garmin).

Supplier of RPAS Services and Avionics for UAV & GA

International exhibition for general aviation
09/04/2025 - 12/04/2025
Location Messe Friedrichshafen