Sunit Oy

Contact person: Mr. Esa Suutari
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 1996
Operation Level: International

Address: Taitoraitti 1
87400 Kajaani Finland
Phone: +358 8 632 60 0
Fax: +358 8 632 60 30

Sunit Computer Technologies is designed 100% by Sunit in Finland.

Electronics that claims for long In-Field Lifetime in harsh-workings, requires that it is designed by working conditions in edge.
The Environmental conditions in Finland is excellent base to evaluate and test products. Sometimes we have minus 45 Celsius, sometime heat up-to plus 35.
Our customers are in absolute front of efficient-thinking and are not afraid to call us for participate on their working environments.
Excellent base for QA/QC.

Design and Manufacture Tough Computers for Fleet and Industry

International defence industry exhibition
03/09/2024 - 06/09/2024
Location CTK Centrum Targowe Kielce