Royal Iceland Europe Sp. z o.o.

Contact person: Wojciech Bondara
Correspondence: English, Deutsch, Français
Operation Level: International

Address: Skladowa 4/1
88-400 Znin Poland
Phone: +48 52 302 55 62

The Royal Iceland produces and delivers excellent quality of goods addressed to ‘’Asian Cuisine’’ sales points. We offer Masago, Tobiko, Shimesaba, Mentaiko, Tsubu Gai, Whelk In Shell, Crab Meat, Sea Cucumber and more of the highest quality.

We are fish roe specialists making Cod Roe, Saithe Roe, Lumpfish Roe, Flying Fish Roe, Herring Roe, Capeling Roe, Sea Urchin Roe and more. We are fishing company specialized in fishing shallow water species, in the most exclusive surroundings in Breidafjord, and process them all ourselves and sell them directly into distribution in Europe.

Our production points are located in Njardvik, Iceland and Znin, Poland. Both factories work in line with all food safety standards required by both FDA and EU regulations.

We hire fully skilled quality managers with long – lasting experience in providing different companies of food industry. Our goods are permanently controlled by internal and external laboratorie

- Seafood production
- Masago / Tobiko
- Sushi products

International food exhibition
05/05/2025 - 08/05/2025
Location fieramilano