MarS a.s.

Contact person: Vratislav Maly
Correspondence: English
Import: 20
Export: 80
Operation Level: International

Address: Okruzni II. 239
569 43 Jevicko Czech Republic
Phone: +420 461 353 841
Fax: +420 461 353 861

We grow with you, you fall with us

From the development department working for parachute production of the KRAS a.s. company, the Chornice plant, we have grown into a joint-stock company of 75 highly qualified experts. Despite this growth, we have maintained a friendly approach and a family atmosphere that makes our work even fun.

We are literally unique in what we do on the Czech market. Our precision, our own development technologies and hard work have opened the door to us abroad. We have been expanding for a long time not only within the European Union, but also worldwide.

Consistency & diligence - You entrust your life to us and we entrust this to us we take responsibility very seriously. That's why we make the things we have to not at 90, but at 100%.

Tradition & Czech production - We have been providing you with a soft impact for 30 years. We design and manufacture all products in the Czech Republic. The development of new technologies is also purely Czech.

Innovation & new technologies - We are constantly striving to improve and develop new, lighter and safer materials and products. Our own technical team is working on this development and we have also established cooperation with the VUT Institute of Aviation.

Civil emergency parachutes

International exhibition of defence equipment
14/05/2024 - 16/05/2024
Location Incheba Expo Bratislava
Slovak Republic
International Exhibition and Conference of Weapon Systems and Heavy Military Hardware
16/10/2024 - 18/10/2024
Location PVA Prazsky veletrzni areal Letnany / Prague Exhibition Centre in Letnany
Czech Republic
International trade fair for hunting and sporting arms, outdoor articles and accessoires
27/02/2025 - 02/03/2025
Location Nuernberg Messe
International exhibition for general aviation
09/04/2025 - 12/04/2025
Location Messe Friedrichshafen