Eile Pomex Yapi Kimyasallari

Correspondence: English
Foundation: 1969
Operation Level: Regional, International, National

Address: (Ankara Asfalti No. 277)
35040 Bornova Turkey
Phone: +90 232 360 1777
Fax: +90 232 360 1616
Web: http://www.eilepomex.com

Eile and Pomex trademarks of Pomza Export Mining Industry Trade Anonymous company is carrying out researchs and developments( RE-DE) and manufacturing studies at the factory in Izmir.

The products which are produced and developed in RE-DE department aren't for sale without approval from our high-tech laboratories.As EiLE Pomex,our most important target is to produce the products which can not be provided by import in Türkiye.

We have achieved that to produce POWER WT 1 vynil ester,EPOX epoxy acrylat and ROTF?X polyester as 345 ml ,three kinds of cartridge.Our RE-DE department has been continueing the studies at new products.

Eile and Pomex trade marks of Poma Export Mining Ind. Tr. A.which are carrying out researchs and developments and manufacturing stucies at the factory in Izmir.

International construction exhibition
17/04/2024 - 20/04/2024
Location Tuyap Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi